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Concept: Using my Wide-Field design as a starting point, I looked to bring Nagler-like performance to the 60 degree+ field class with the Panoptic series. The idea of a lens to "interface" between the eyepiece and Barlow struck me as the proper way to keep size, weight and cost to a minimum while improving edge of field performance even further. - Al Nagler

The Tack-Sharp, Long Eye-Relief 68 degree Field Eyepiece With the Panoptic series, Tele Vue has taken the Wide-Field concept to Nagler-like performance levels - A meaningful advance over any eyepiece in its 68 degree field class.

Panoptic 35mm

The 35mm has the largest true field with plenty of eye relief for eyeglass wearers.

When combined with a Paracorr to correct the coma of an f/4.5 Newtonian, performance is spectacular across the 68 degree field. Imagine, sharp star clusters at the extreme edge of the field!

Panoptic 27mm

Housed in a 2" barrel like the 35mm, the 27mm is lighter & smaller. It's perfect for any telescope size, type or speed, where a little more magnification is desired, yet still allows full field viewing with eyeglasses. For example, with the Genesis sdf, it gives 20x and a true field over 3 degrees!

Panoptic 22mm

The 22mm Panoptic is similar in performance and eye-relief. It fits 1 1/4" as well as 2" focusers, and works with all our Barlows. For eyeglass wearers, it's the best alternative to the legendary 20mm Nagler.

Panoptic 19mm

Size, weight and performance make the 19mm an ideal mid power choice. Ideal "soul-mate" to Bino Vue. Parfocal with 15mm and other smaller Plössls and Naglers.

Panoptic 15mm

With comfortable eye relief and sharp 68 degree field, this 1 1/4" eyepiece is a good, modest-priced alternative to a 16mm Nagler Type 5.

Panoptic Barlow Interface

Double the power of Panoptics while retaining eye relief, by adding the 2x Big Barlow and matching interface lens, another first. It pulls the pupil back to the ideal eyepoint to prevent vignetting, while further optimizing correction to "Nagler" levels.

When using the 2x Big Barlow, we consider the interface lens essential with the 35mm and 27mm, helpful with the 22mm, and unnecessary with the 15mm.

Of course, multi-coatings, blackened lens edges, filter threads, rubber grip rings and exemplary construction are standard on all Panoptics. Little niceties such as a cover for the eyeguard, and an undercut in the barrel for extra locking security complete the package. A double identifying ring distinguishes all Panoptics in your eyepiece case.

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