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Blackened lens edges, anti-reflection threads and rubber eyeguards deliver maximum contrast. Adapter skirts for 2" focussers on larger models and rubber grip rings are additional Tele Vue "firsts". 100% full field visual inspection ,on our own flat-field test instruments, guarantees the performance of every Tele Vue eyepiece.

82 breathtaking, 'spacewalk' degrees , with sharpness and contrast so natural you'lI forget you're looking through an eyepiece. The 31 mm and 16mm give the largest true fields in 2" and 11/4" 82° eyepieces respectiveiy. Type 4 models have Instadjust eyeguards and over 17 mm eye-relief. Type 6 models have uniform comfortable 12mm eye-relief. All 1 1/4" only models are parfocal and excellent for binocular viewers.

Type 6: Nagler 13mm, Nagler 9mm, Nagler 7mm, Nagler 5mm

New 82° 13mm, 9mm, 7mm and 5mm focal lengths are a compact 7-element design using different exotic materials plus coating processes. Untouched is the full field pinpoint sharpness, but this new series benefits from greater contrast. All focal lengths feature 12mm of eye-relief. The original 7mm and 4.8mm Naglers will continue in the line as lower cost alternatives.

New technology, parfocal 1 1/4" eyepieces, with 12mm eye relief. Perfect medium/high power eyepieces for the finest telescopes.

Nagler 7mm (original)

Parfocal, for 1 1/4" focussers. Ideal for planets, double stars, and fine details in clusters, it will test telescope and atmosphere performance. Includes rubber eye guard.

Nagler 4.8mm (original)

Highest power. Has 5 times the field area and astounding eye-relief compared to standard eyepieces in this focal length range. Includes rubber eyeguard, 1 1/4" barrel and parfocalization.

Type 5: Nagler 16mm

New technology, parfocal 1 1/4" eyepiece with 10mm eye relief. Providing 1 1/4" focussers with the largest true field and longest focal length in the Nagler series.

Nagler Type 4 Eyepieces

When I designed the Radian series of eyepieces, I used my Nagler concept as the basis. However with the Radians, I decided to balance size, weight, and cost relative to a consistent 20mm eyerelief. During the design process I found that I could not only balance these factors for 1.25" focussers, but new glass types lead to better imaging, contrast enhancement, reduced pincushion, ghost suppression, and a new concept in a click-stop adjustable eyeguard as well.

Applying that experience to the 82 degree, Nagler Type 2 design goals, would potentially provide increased eye-relief, more contrast, reduced pincushion and more true field as well.

The first Nagler Type 4 to arrive is the 12mm version, replacing not only the 12mm Nagler Type 2 but its predecessor 13mm (my first Nagler) and the 11mm, now considered a collector item. Users confirm that for deep sky viewing, the comfort, clarity and contrast of the 12mm Type 4 gets us closer to our "spacewalk" viewing goal. Similar in size and weight to Type 2, it has more true field and 50% greater eye relief, while using just six elements.

As compared to the 20mm Nagler Type 2, the new 22mm Nagler Type 4 weighs just 1.5 lbs(0.68kg.), has an eye-relief of 19mm (Instadjust too), and has almost 30% more true field area. With these impressive new specs the new 22mm Nagler Type 4 is worth looking into (pun intended).

Let's spacewalk!

Prices of Nagler

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16.0 Nagler Type 5 (new)


Price of offered Nagler 16.0 (35% discount)



11.0 Nagler Type 6 (new)


Price of offered Nagler 11.0 (35% discount)



12.0 Nagler Type 4 (used)


Price of offered Nagler 12.0 (50% discount)


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