OBSESSION 15" Telescope

Obsession 15", f/4.5, in excellent condition, imported from USA in October 2001. Used from June 2002 till May 2004.

The primary mirror has just been reconfigured and recoated with the following interferometric test results:

Primary mirror:

Torus Pro-Spec

Interferogram Results:

Strehl ratio: 0.970

Peak to valley wavefront error: 0.15 lambda @ 550 nm

RMS: 0.030

Focal length: 68.33 inches (1736 mm)

Original certificate of optical quality provided.        To see the interferometric results click here.  (PDF-Format, 174 kBytes)

Fitted with:
- Servo CAT Go To drive system, with Argo Navis Digital Setting Circles, super resolution, 10000 count encoders, powered ground board.
- Starlight Feather Touch focusser
- Nylon light shroud
- Balancing kit (not fitted)
- 2" Kendrick laser collimator
- TelRad red circles finder

A new telescope with these extras will cost a minimum of 8.800 Euro to import.

Price: 5.280 Euro (40% discount)

If you are interested, please send an email to       Azzam.Qasrawi@almarsad.com

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